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DVD "Paul Claudel, un nouveau regard"

Author & Director : Florence Bonnier

Codirector : Vincent Michaud


Renée Nantet-Claudel is 97 years old. It is important to capture her testimony that is not only that of an entire life, a unique bond with her father Paul Claudel, but also with her aunt Camille Claudel, the great sculptor. Renée has an astonishing, original personality, a communicative laughter and a powerful view, open to the world. Her testimony is precious, full of memories, and it’s a joy hearing her recount it.

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DVD "Blues Boom", Jack BON

 Documentary on the history of Blues - 2013


Jack Bon tells the story of the American black people, showing the links between the appearance of the Blues, its evolution and social upheavals. He does so, by playing the various styles of artists and eras.

14,90 €

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